Horseshoe Crab eggs liberated

Horseshoe crab eggs just before release

This weekend I liberated the horseshoe crab eggs I picked up on Fire Island. On Friday night I dumped them in the mouth of the Hudson River, near the floating ferry terminal with boats to New Jersey.

I have no idea whether they will make it. (The water at the mouth is brackish, not fresh.)

I could still see many of the embryos developing, but I didn’t see the kind of movement I got the week before.

Release site for horseshoe crab eggs

The horseshoe crabs normally go just a little offshore for a year or two, then head to deeper water for about a decade before they come back to mate.

No one is sure if the horseshoe crabs come back to the beach where they hatched. If so, I’ve confused them. But there are a few patches of river not covered in concrete nearby, at least in Staten Island or New Jersey.

I wonder if I should put the episode in my wildlife rehabilitator blog.


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