Dublin blames real estate bust for fox population boom

Dublin fox plays with cat / Stephen Heron

Dublin is overrun with foxes lately. Locals–even those delighted with their appearance–say there may be too many. Ann Marie Hourihane, columnist for the Irish Times, says it may be the real estate crash. All those empty houses, you see.

Wheelie bins–garbage cans on wheels–were supposed to be the end of them. They couldn’t mooch off human garbage anymore. But Hourihane calls these foxes NAMA foxes–for the failed National Asset Management Agency, or NAMA. She says they’re exploiting the landscape left by failed development:

Perhaps it is all the vacant lots which have encouraged them. All that abandoned stone, with the scutch grass marching over it, and plenty of unfinished hearths to curl up at. We could be seeing the arrival of the Nama foxes, who have the run of derelict building sites.”

Maybe we’ll start seeing Fannie Mae Foxes in Phoenix, too.

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