Hawk blooper at Prospect Park Raptorfest

Bald eagle looking pissed

I think the people who go to raptor displays are like hockey fans–not so secretly hoping for something to go wrong. Not a fight, but a mishap.

Last year when  Hawk Creek, a raptor sanctuary and wildlife rehabilitation center near Buffalo, NY, put on their show in Central Park, one bird flew off into Manhattan. This year, at yesterday’s Prospect Park show, a Harris Hawk named Coyote landed on a speaker amidst the crowd, to the delight of everyone nearby.

A couple hundred people showed up at Sunday’s event in the Nethermead, an inner Prospect Park meadow that sounds like it was named by J.K. Rowling. The presenters have their usual routine–one part showy schtick, getting volunteers to lie down while a raptor flies low over them, one part conservation talk. So it keeps both photographers with two foot lenses and two-year-old kids enthralled.

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