Slowly but slowly getting back to animal blogging after baby

Baby ginger and her beagles

For the last two or three months I’ve really slacked off with blogging about animal tourism. I blame my daughter. Ginger was born two months ago. She came a week early on July 29. And she is so enchanting (and demanding) I haven’t been able to keep up with animal news.

I see from my site stats that, oddly, my site visits and unique visitors just kept on going in my absence, even climbing to highs of 13,228 unique visitors and 556,703 hits in August. So, I don’t feel missed. Many days I set out to write something and all of a sudden it’s 4 o’clock and I haven’t showered or eaten lunch. So it will be slow getting back to full speed.

Ginger will start to be part of the animal adventures once she’s able. She just started to notice the loon mobile above her changing table. I’ve already started indoctrinating Ginger into animal watching with her nursery decor. I’m wondering about making her a sound mobile with those Audubon birds. So far her main animals our our beagles. Huckleberry, who spent my last trimester guarding my belly, now guards Ginger. Moxie gives her an occasional sniff, but really wants to be the baby, not serve the baby. Now our family will fall even more into the animal tourism demographic, looking for easy wildlife adventures that she can enjoy.

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