Ambitious squirrel plays in baseball playoffs. Twice.

A rogue gray squirrel grabbed his chance for spotlight, running across the infield during two playoff games in St. Louis this week.

The squirrel first appeared Tuesday, then again Wednesday night in the¬†National League Division Series between the Cardinals and the Philadelphia Phillies. Thursday’s batter let a strike go by, so he complained to the ump about the disruption. No reprieve.

Since then the #Busch Squirrel has been busy amassing 14,000 followers on twitter, befriending Torty Craig, Cards pitcher¬†Allen Craig’s pet tortoise and bragging about making the trip to Philly.

How did the squirrel get on the field? At first I was suspicious because he came from the Cardinal’s own dugout. But I think he probably was a neighborhood squirrel who got drawn in by the smell of peanuts and somehow found himself out after dark in the ballpark. I’d also guess it’s a he–males move further from home–and he was born this summer. In other words, I think he’s a teenage boy.

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