On the internet, everyone knows you love dogs

Huckleberry's powerful cuteness may be why people are so chatty about animals online.

Do you see lots of dogs for adoption and petitions against pet lions online? Social media may be great for overthrowing dictators and stuff, but what it really is used best for is animal causes, says a new study by craigconnects(the philanthropic venture of Craig Newmark of Craig’s List). Pet and wildlife groups are the most chatty (averaging 14 Facebook updates and and 134 tweets a week) followed by their environmental action cousins.

Not only that, but the animal posts are the most repeated on Twitter. No real surprise, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the most talkative group in the animal category and overall. The categories were animal, children, cultural, disaster relief, environment, health, women and veterans and military, which is the least social media aggressive.

Here’s the whole chart, though you have to like Craig Newmark on Facebook to get to see it. Ugh. I guess if you don’t have a cute picture you’ve got to do something to draw people in.


dockdogbassetwaddle Where to SEE DOG EVENTS like basset hound waddles, Halloween parades, dock dogs
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