FaceTime, the new Master's Voice

Huckleberry knows something is up

Moxie is perplexed

Ever try to talk to a dog over the phone?

Well, don’t bother. It doesn’t work. The dog gets freaked out at the squeaky little man inside the device and runs away.

But! Try the new FaceTime video chat feature on the iPhone. Dogs totally understand what’s going on.

Our daugther Ginger is so charismatic and smiley that when my husband went back to work after paternity leave, he naturally wanted to see her antics. We tried FaceTime (which, by the way, only works on iPhones over wi-fi). So he gets on FaceTime to talk with her and the beagles go nuts.

And they don’t just think it’s some random strange guy talking out of a box. How do I know?

They don’t run to the phone, they run to the door. They hear the voice, recognize it as David and think it means that he’s come home. So they run to go greet him at the door. Pretty cool new feature of the iPhone.

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