Beagles compete for singing dog prize on Bastille Day in Prospect Park

Beagle in a beret

Handsome Huckleberry is trying on a beret

Moxie and Huckleberry, our two beagles, are hosting a what we hope will be the blow-out beagle event of the season: a meetup in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on Saturday July 14.

We’ll have a singing contest, a scent chase and any other beagle activities we can think of. We’re glomming onto the monthly coffee bark of, the dog group for the park; that means  there’ll be free coffee, bagels and dog treats until 9 a.m., when off-leash hours end.

Beagles aren’t snobs, so they invite all hounds and hound mixes. (And, in fact, the FIDO coffee bark always gets hundreds of dogs). Officially we’ve got 16 beagles coming on the meetup site. But we expect many more because we’ve been handing out postcards to every potential hound we see.

The singing contest is already shaping up to be a tough match. I only wish we could get a fire engine out on the Long Meadow. Just in the neighborhood are two contenders:  George, a female coonhound, can be heard for many blocks on mornings when she yodels at the scent of rabbits. Meanwhile, Milligan, a one-eyed beagle, can bay on cue.

If you’ve got any other ideas for silly beagle contests, we’d love you to post them below.

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