Beagles howl to shofar on Bastille Day in Prospect Park

About 30 hounds romped and sang on the Long Meadow in Prospect Park on Bastille Day. Some were not well behaved enough to pose patiently like these 25 clever dogs. Pictured: ground: Brady (best howler); first step (l to r): Cuzko, Slim, TK, Bess. Second Step: Chestnut. Third step: Daisy, Penelope, Pepper, Rocky (Moxie’s boyfriend), Dudley, Luigi (howling). Fourth step: Stella (who is up for adoption), Charlot. Fifth step: Huckleberry and Moxie (co-hosts), Oliver (puppy), Bailey. Sixth step: Milligan (champion singer), Matilda, Agnes. Seventh step: Ally McBeagle, Arturo (bounding), Simone (smiling). Ninth step: Rosie.

About 30 hounds Beagle celebrated Beagles and Bagels on Bastille Day in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. 25 beagles were so well-trained they sat for this portrait.

Brady and Milligan (who can sing on cue) took top honors in the singing competition. Brady and a black beagle I don’t know responded especially enthusiastically to the ram’s horn. Next time we may try a harmonica. And we do hope to do it again, either in a few months or next year. The early hour (8!) let us enjoy off-leash hours and coffee and bagels courtesy of

I have to mention that Huckleberry sweetly comforted my daughter Ginger when she cried by plopping himself right next to us and letting her tug on his ears. We call him the empath.

Happy Beagling.

Looking for a rescue hound? Check out Badass Brooklyn Foster. They pull sweet dogs from kill shelters down south. A couple of the dogs here are Badass beagles.


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Read about our adorable, sweet beagles Huck and Moxie, who spent years as subject in a research laboratory.


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