Puffin breeding falls as temperature rises

puffin with silver fish in its mouth

Puffins just won’t breed this year in parts of Iceland. Biologists say the population is always tied to temperatures, but this warming period is the worst.

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Polar Bears Arrive in Iceland

Iceland is starting to get polar bears, but so far is just getting rid of them. Two polar bears have shown up in the last two weeks on the island that’s hundreds of miles away from where polar bears usually live, Discovery reported.

Not knowing what to do with the first one, they shot it. They’re trying to catch the second one and move it to Greenland. Icelandic billionaire Thor BjorgolfssonBjoergulfur Thor Bjoergulfsson has volunteered to pay for the move so that Icelandic authorities don’t shoot the second bear.

Polar bears would normally be pouncing on seals from polar ice eating seals, but that ice melt has caused them to look for other territory. The one in Iceland was seen eating eggs and birds.

Who knows whether the polar bear could survive on Iceland, which because of cold and an over-farming environmental disaster has very few plants and animals. But the best away to find out would be to let them try. It’s not like we’re talking about a heavily populated area here–it’s Iceland, northern Iceland. When I went to Iceland one of the few disappointments was how little wildlife they had. Polar bears in Iceland would be a big tourist attraction.

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