Whooping cranes may make AL home after fluky weather and FAA rules dispute

13 endangered whooping cranes now call Wheeler NWR their winter home–maybe permanently–thanks to the quirks of weather, FAA rules and bird stubbornnes.

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Another light sentence for a whooping crane killer

Indiana got a confession in a 2009 whooping crane shooting, but only charged a $1 fine. Birders and hunters say that’s too low for an endangered species that cost $110,000 to raise.

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Happy Joint Birthday, Indiana Wolves, Enjoy Your Frittata

Would you like to treat a wolf to a frittata? What if you know it was his birthday? And that the wolf happened to looove frittata? Indiana’s Wolf Park–probably the most innovated wolf sanctuary in the country– is having a joint birthday party for its wolves this Saturday, April 24.

All the wild canids (including coyotes and foxes) at Wolf Park breed and give birth around the same time. Last year the center, which started in 1972, started having an adorable birthday party. You can buy your favorite wolf a birthday cake (a $25 donation) and then get a picture of them devouring it.The cakes aren’t really cake, but a frittata with eggs, butter, cheese and chunks of meat, says assistant manager Dana. “The wolves don’t really have much of sweet tooth,” she says. They are very popular with the wolves. The human visitors enjoy the happy spectacle.

For the wolves that live in pairs or their own enclosures, delivering the cake isn’t much of a problem. But some in the main pack got ripped off last year. “The trickeist ones we have are the main pack. Last year we made larger cake they could all eat. One wolf, Tristan, the alpha a the time, just ate it all and was sick afterwards with a tummy ache,” Dana says. This year, they’ll deliver individual cakes, which they expect the wolves to run off with.

Cake time is 2 p.m. Saturday. Since they don’t want any wolves to go

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Easter Bunny Will Leave Eggs At Wolf Park–Then Quickly Leave The Enclosure

Kailani finds goodies in an old stump.  Monty Sloan/ Wolfpark.org

The Easter Bunny visits Indiana’s Wolf Park this weekend, but don’t worry about his personal safety.The park assures visitors “The Easter Bunny will hop into the wolf enclosure (the wolves will be elsewhere) and will hide Easter eggs for the wolves to find (after the Bunny leaves).” Whew!

The non-profit, educational park is really clever in coming up with events that both keep wolves busy and gently persuade the public to enjoy wolves instead of fearing them. They recently had a Twilight event, give the wolves pumpkins at Halloween, have a communal birthday party (all the wolves are born around the same time) and have overnight kids camps.

Volunteer Caity did let us in on an Easter secret: the wolves prefer other treats to the traditional colored hard-boiled eggs (just like people!). Wolves go for peeps and sausages. “The eggs are not necessarily their favorites, but they do look really cute,” Caity says. The wolves catch onto the game right away. “They’re very inquisitive,” she says. “Some are braver than others when it comes to exploring new items, but they all  pretty quickly notice it is food.”

The event, now in its eighth year, also includes Easter egg hunts for kids–no sausage included.

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