Would you be nicer to pigeons if they were green?

Artist Julian Charrière gave the despised pigeons of Venice’s St. Mark’s Square a flamboyant makeover in green, blue and red. Tourists went nuts for the pretty birds. What did the other birds think?

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Unicorn Deer in Italy

A unicorn-like deer is drawing animal tourists to the the Italian Center for Natural Sciences (Centro di Scienze Natural) outside Prato, which is in turn outside Florence.The unicorn is really a male one-year-old Roe deer, so don’t expect to see rainbows and sparkles behind him. His twin has the regular two antler.

The deer has some kind of genetic flaw, but it’s even special in that. The AP’s Marta Falconi reports that even deer with one antler tend to have it on one side. Plus, this guy’s antler looks like a little horn.

The center seems to be handling the occassion with smile. They named him Unicorn. And the director Gilberto Tozzi says: “This is fantasy becoming reality.”

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