Mexican ranch welcomes jaguars and animal tourists

Rancho El Aribabi, a conservation ranch about 30 miles into Mexico, is working with Sky Alliance to save local wildlife. They’ve caught pictures of rare and elusive jaguars. You can support them with a visit. Coatis possible.

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3 Guys Vie for title of “Buffalo Whisperer” in Canada, US and S Africa

Bailey Rides

Canada’s Buffalo Whisperer takes Bailey for a ride in a convertible. The US and South Africa have their very own Buffalo Whisperers, too. Here are each of their cases to be the real Buffalo Whisperer.

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How is the Money BP Pledged to Help Turtles Being Spent?

BP is funding recovery of the endangered sea turtles “I think the consensus in the turtle community is that there’s no harm keeping healthy animals safe. That was the emphasis of our request for funding. I think that was by far the most important thing in our mind,” says George.

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Help Stop Sending Kemp’s Ridley Turtle Hatchlings Into the Gulf Oil Spill

My personal opinion is, what’s the harm of trying? It could be a total disaster if the oil spill continues and spreads. Why not spend some money to keep these turtles out of the way?

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Top 10 Places in the U.S. to See Bats has compiled a list of the best bat-viewing sites around the country. We show you the reason for the ranking: we prefer big bat numbers, close to where people live or exotic bat species. The top 10 has at least one from each region.

Bat-viewing got its start in Austin. The city, along with  Bat Conservation International, transformed seeing bats at night from a nuisance to a major tourist attraction. Austin accidentally built itself a model bat house in the Congress Avenue Bridge and BCI stepped in to show us all how to enjoy the show. Instead of having to tear down a major bridge, Austin celebrates its bats. Mayor Lee Effingel just announced that Austin will now have an annual Night of the Bat celebration in June and he wants the bat to be the city’s official animal. Adam West will appear, they’re be a screening of a batman movie and BCI will have a live bat show. The great thing about Austin is, you don’t even have to go out of your way to see bats; after dusk they’re all over.

Texas is definitely bat central, but plenty of places around the country have great bat fly-outs. State and federal parks get in on the action with summertime dusk bat events. White-nosed syndrome has wiped out about a million bats nationwide, according to BCI. The caves in the northeast are hit especially hard, with 90% of the bats in Hibernia, NJ, wiped out, according to

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Jaguars, Extinct in US, Found Within 30 Miles of Border

A jaguar has been confirmed living–or at least roaming–within 30 miles of the U.S. border with Mexico. The Cougar Network, which tracks big cat sightings, sent out word that the Sky Island Alliance has two photos of jaguars eight days apart about 90 miles north of where everyone thought they lived in Sonora.

Conservation groups like the Northern Jaguar Project,  have worked for years to bring back the big, spotted cat that once ranged as far north as the Grand Canyon across California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and possibly Louisiana.

The find would be significant because last year the last known U.S. jaguar died under circumstances that increasingly look dodgy. Arizona Fish and Game caught Macho B in a trap they said was for bears or cougars. They tranquilized and collared him. Days later the then-sluggish cat was euthanized. The capture and drugs may have hastened his death. Just last month investigators found that the capture was intentional, a possible felony since the jaguar (Panthera onca) is endangered.

Just last month the Fish and Wildlife service reversed a 2006 decision and determined that the jaguar deserves a critical habitat. Even the known population in the Northern Jaguar Preserve, 135 miles south of the border, is cut off by hundreds of miles from the the main population.

The motion-activated game cameras showed the jaguars from different sides, so no one is sure if it’s the same cat, Sergio Avila, an alliance biologist in Tucson, told the Arizona Daily

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Hurricane Ike’s Squirrel Refugees

Kate Murphy had a fun story in the New York Times Sunday on the thousand-some orphaned baby squirrels that have been taken to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Houston after Hurricane Ike. Kate described with great care and accuracy the process of raising baby squirrels. I thought it was great how hundreds of Texans cared enough about their baby squirrels to bring them to safety.

I’m a (novice) licensed wildlife rehabilitator in New York, sitting next to a cage with five orphaned baby squirrels right now. I’m impressed that Texas has a big facility to take in wildlife. In New York it’s a bunch of volunteers, taking in however many squirrels we can manage on our own. I know some really dedicated squirrel rehabbers who have had dozens at a time. Five is the most I’ve had and it’s a lot–mainly because one that I call Osama Bin Squirrel, who is the most belligerent squirrel I’ve ever met.

That means either Texas is way ahead of New York in terms of wildlife care. Or there are even more squirrels out there in Texas in private homes.

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