Looks Like We’ll Be Blessed With a Few More Baby Squirrels

brooklyn babies

Got three more baby squirrels yesterday. More victims of a squirrel mother’s inappropriate urban housing choices. A very sweet family in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, discovered them in squatting in their air conditioner vent. The mother squirrel bit the man, grabbed one of her four babies and ran off. Renee, the human mother of the house sat up all night with worry, leaving the squirrels wrapped for warmth but available for the mother to take. Squirrel mom returned, but didn’t take the babies.

I’m full up with squirrels, so my fellow rehabber friend Vicki is coming to the rescue and taking them tonight. They’re all boys, all healthy, still with their eyes closed. One is a screamer.

The adolescent squirrels were highly interested in the new arrivals. Or at least the formula-filled syringe I was feeding them with.

Flying Squirrel! Grover jumps around the cage while Baby Ruth plays with a paper towel.

Mickey, meanwhile, showed absolutely no interest. She did harumph around the cage–her signal that she has noticed that I have come into the room yet not delivered her food yet. I had been thinking Mickey was nearing ready to get released back to the Queens community garden where she lived before, with the possibility of recatching her if we needed to trim her teeth. She’s definitely got two top teeth back, but they’re crooked. But the Horvaths–way more experienced and licensed rehabbers than I–think she won’t make it and offered her a permanent home with the other

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