Falconry Scotland includes befriending owls

girl with harris hawk

Jeanne the barn owl loves people. She calls out for them. I was worried my daughter was being too friendly. But the falconer assured me Jeanne would only give an affectionate nibble.

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Beagles compete for singing dog prize on Bastille Day in Prospect Park

Beagle in a beret

Dozens of beagles are meeting up Prospect Park on July 14 for a singing contest and Bastille Day coffee and bagels. Beagles love all hounds, so if you think your mutt might be part beagle, you’re officially invited. Free biscuits till 9 am.

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“Fresh whole rabbit” becomes new Three Wolf Shirt on Amazon

Fresh Whole Rabbit

The “fresh whole rabbit” is hot on Amazon. Almost as hot as the famous and powerful Three Wolf Shirt. Reviewers say it’s convenient, low maintenance and fun!

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