ME Pearl (Possum Masseuse) sets the record straight

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A while back I wrote about ME Pearl and her totally charming possum videos. I posited that ME Pearl was somehow tied to SquirrelMender, a site run by a Thousand Oaks, CA, wildlife rehabilitator Sharon Baird and designed by, the very same company that does the ME Pearl site.

Wrong, says Pearl. She wrote in to say that she’s not connected to the rehabber at all. “This has nothing to do with Sharron Baird and no crab has ever sidled across our paths.”

Pearl, it seems, is the name of a squirrel that touched the heart of the woman in the video. But now Pearl is dead. So the woman in the video channels the squirrel spirit. Sorta. Here’s what ME Pearl had to say when I asked by email about her handling the possum so skillfully:

“ME Pearl am a dead squirrel and, as such, I do not handle that disgusting varmint. That’s all done by my Pink Mama, ‘Georgette’ (not her real name). But I oversee EVERYTHING. I spend most of my time in her head, directing. Everything was normal until we saw  Maryjean Ballner giving her cat a massage. Sparks flew. All we had on hand was an old possum so we made ‘Proper Opossum Massage’. Discovered there was was a hunger for this type of information so, wheeeee, off to the races.”

I was also thrilled to read: “We very much like your site.” ME Pearl suggests that I add  Animal Acres in Acton, CA. Done! ME Pearl still didn’t explain to me how she came by her co-starring possums and squirrels or her ability to charm them, but we’ll leave that a mystery.

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