Squinting possum, Pink Meanie jellyfish, Manatees at heater and a tour of other animal news.

Heidi the german cross-eyed possum

Germans fall for cross-eyed possum Heidi

The Leipzig Zoo has a new star: Heidi a two-and-a-half-year-old cross-eyed possum. She first lived at another zoo and could never survive in the wild (in part because she’s native to North America, not Europe–which explains why the Germans aren’t just weirded out by her as Americans would be). BILD

Wildlife photographer punished for protecting dingos

Wildlife photographer Jennifer Parkhurst has been fighting for the starving dingos on Fraser Island, a national park off the Great Barrier Reef. After the dingos killed a boy years ago, rangers set traps and fenced the dingos off from (growing) settlements. Dingos here are one of the purest dingo strains left in Australia. Parkhurt was just slapped with a huge fine and suspended jail sentence. Sydney Morning Herald

Florida Manatees warm up at power plant substitute

Florida tore down an old power plant on the Indian River Lagoon and until a new one is built, they’ve installed heaters to manatees that have come to rely on the warm water can survive.  Chicago Tribune

Gulf of Mexico biologists confirm new bad-ass jellyfish called Pink Meanie

The Dauphin Island Sea Lab confirmed the big, redish jellyfish is a new species formally known as Drymonema larsoni. The creature first showed up in 2000, can have tentacles 70 feet long and eat 34 jellyfish at a time. AL.com

Why are Feds Paying $3.3 million to graze bison on land they should be able to buy for $3.9 million

In a controversial deal, federal agencies are paying $3.3 million to let a limited number of bison graze on a cult’s land next to Yellowstone for 30 years. That’s a horrible deal for taxpayers, since the land is probably only worth about $3.9 million. AnimalTourism

African Gray Parrot Does Math for Seeds

A video shows a parrot doing equations by picking the answer on a dice. Best in Flock

Germans wonder if Dioxin was added on purpose to pork and poultry feed

An ongoing investigation and scandal has led to China banning imports BILD

NYC: Red Tailed Hawk Family spotted in Kessena Park, Queens

Last month four juvenile red-tailed hawks were released back into Kissena Park in Queens. At least one is hanging out with its parents.Queens Raptors

manateeWhere to Go See Manatee

Hawk Where to Find Hawks

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