Baby eagle cam goes viral

eagle nest in decorahBald eagles have made such a comeback that they are now as easy to see as shiba inu puppies. The eagle family (mom, dad, two chicks and a third egg expected to hatch any day) has become a viral internet hit, thanks to the Raptor Resource Project, which installed two cameras last year on a nest near the Decorah Fish Hatchery. The camera has had 21 million visits and regularly gets more than 100,000 during the day.

The eagles built their nest in 2007, have successfully fledged eight eagles already and starred in the PBS Nature show American Eagle. Part of their success is no doubt owed to stealing fish from the Decorah Hatchery (an increasingly popular strategy among raptors). The hatchery in turn owes it success to water that is specially juiced up with extra oxygen, so it can produce “120,000 catchable size rainbow and brown trout, plus a few thousand catchable brook” each year.

The eagles are the stars now, but they are center keeps a whole roster of birds of prey nest cams, from owls to osprey, and keeps track of when the eggs were laid and hatched.
The center has a map of where they do Peregrine falcon bandings in the Midwest (it’s mainly on the Mississippi in MN, WI, and IA).

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