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Have you seen squirrels roughhousing in the park lately? That’s because it’s their silly season. The teenage squirrels are out and about for the first time and like adolescents everywhere, they are ready to have fun, draw attention to themselves.

Squirrel Wrestling in Tompkins Square Park

If you’ve seen a squirrel wrestling, following you around the park, knocking on your window or creating a debris field of leaves and branches, it’s probably a fresh, young juvenile exploring the world for the first time. I’ve seen all those. Young squirrel hang over the dog run because they don’t know any better. They try to “help” their mom build a nest and end up scattering more branches and leaves on the sidewalk than they get in the drey. (These squirrel-scented sticks are especially delicious to dogs.)

For most people these nearly full-sized squirrels are the youngest squirrels they’ll ever see. Mom doesn’t let them out of the nest until May or June when they would really hurt themselves. And even now they are pretty ridiculous.

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