Woolly mammoths comeback in 5 years; FL monkeys decline

Japan to clone woolly mammoths soon. FL monkey colony down to 20 animals. Porcupine class in WI. Why Mexican wolves get crappy “experimental, non-essential” label

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Oregon's Peak Week for Whales; A "South Sudan" Would Be Good For Wildlife

(Sciurus vulgaris)

Gray whales migrating by the west coast now. HSUS gives Obama a B–talk about grade inflation. Scotland plans squirrel safari (this time not hunting grays) & more animal news.

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Thylacne Pelt Stirs Excitement, But Doesn’t Get Us Closer to Live Thylacine

Since the pelt is at least 30 years old, it doesn’t help us find a live thylacine, which is what everyone wants.

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Did Iran Just Try to Smuggle in a Tiger in a Suitcase?

One of Iran

One of Iran's Tigers on Exchange, (Photo by Hemmat Khani courtesy IWPR)

A Thai woman was caught with a sedated tiger cub in luggage she had checked on a flight to Iran, Traffic reports. Alert security workers at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport X-rayed her “oversized” bag and saw a cat skeleton amidst a bag full of stuffed animal toys. Wildlife officials are still trying to figure out where she got the tiger and where it was supposed to go. Could Iran itself have wanted another Siberian tiger–either for its tiny, odd breeding program or for the Tehran’s Eram zoo, where those tigers first stayed?

The 31-year old Thai national was scheduled to board a Mahan Air flight destined for Iran when she had trouble checking in her oversized bag. She was flying on Iran’s own Mahan Airlines, whose only flight from Bangkok that day was a five and half hour journey headed directly to Tehran, where it arrived at four in the morning. Thai nationals can get a tourist visa to Iran pretty easily.

By fatwa Iranians aren’t supposed to have any (cats might be ok, but dogs, especially black ones, are as verboten as mullets). Who knows if they have the same problem we do of big jerks wanting big cats as pets? But I can’t imagine anyone trying to smuggle a tiger into Iran, then keep it without authorities knowing.

They don’t have any native wild tigers. The native Caspian or Mazandaran tiger (Panthera tigris ssp. virgata) has been

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Happy Thylacine Day!

It’s not only Labor Day, it’s Thylacine Day! Australia has a day to pay attention to threatened species, marking the sad anniversary of the death of the last Thylacine.

The Thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger, is a creature so odd-looking you would think it was a cryptozoology hoax if there weren’t so much evidence it really existed. Thylacinus cynocephalus is a striped, marsupial carnivore that looks like a zebra – shiba inu mix. The Tassie Tiger was wiped out from Australia 3,000 years ago, but survived on Tasmania until shortly after people showed up. Sheep farmers killed them off, shooting the last wild one in 1930. On this day in 1936 the last Thylacine died in Hobart Zoo.

But since then people have said they’ve seen Thylacines in remote Tasmania and in Australia. Chris Rehberg’s blog Where Light Meets Dark put together a fantastic map of all thesightings here since the supposed extinction. Motion-activated cameras have turned up nothing. Yet. An effort to clone the Thylacine from cells of a preserved fetus have also been failures. So far. (And people who think the Thylacine is still out there don’t want it cloned.)

I went to see Jane Goodall speak about her new book, Hope for Animals and Their World: How Endangered Species Are Being Rescued from the Brink, which is about how passionate biologists are rescuing or rediscovering animals on the edge of extinction. (Rehberg calls the study of extinct animals Eclipsazoology.) It’d be great if the Thylacine, instead of

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